Beet salad with Kish Fish smoked salmon

Published on the: 21-11-2022

By Kish Fish



Pickle Solution

800ml of Water

400ml of White Vinegar

250g of Sugar

20g of salt

30g of Coriander seed

20g of Star Anise

Beetroot salad

3 middle size golden beetroot

3 middle size beetroot

2 Orange

1 Pomegranate

100g of Rocket Leaves

50 g of pea shoot

200g of Soft cheese

300g of Kish Fish Smoked Salmon


STEP 1 Cook beets: Wash the beets well under cold running water making sure any dirt gets washed off. Place the salt, sugar, vinegar, coriander seeds, star anise and water in a pot along with the beets. Make sure the pot is large enough, so the beets are comfortably and completely covered with water. As the liquid evaporates you will have to add a bit more if the beets become exposed. Simmer the beets just below a rolling boil for about 20 minutes if you are using baby beets or up to 1 hour for large beets. Test the doneness with a toothpick or sharp knife. The beets are cooked when the toothpick or knife can be inserted without much resistance and comes out easily when removed.


STEP 2 – Make an Orange soft cheese Zest and juice one orange, combine with cream cheese in a mixing bowl, beat until smooth.


STEP 3 – Assemble Salad Peel the beets and cut each beetroot into 8-10 wedges. Cut away peel and pith from an orange, carefully hold the orange in your hand cut downward between the membrane and the segment. Separate slices of smoked salmon. Put the rockets on a plate and then arrange the beets, orange segments, smoked salmon with orange soft cheese and sprinkle with pomegranate. Garnish with Pea Shoots.