Pan-fried Scallops with celeriac, apples and samphire.

Published on the: 14-11-2022

By Kish Fish




Celeriac pure (oil, 1/2 onion, 1 celeriac, tbsp of butter, splash of water, small pinch of salt):


Gently fry onions in oil and butter, without any colour. Add peeled and diced celeriac, cook gently, add a splash of water and a small pinch of salt, cover with a lid and cook until celeriac is soft – approx 15min. Once soft blend until smooth and pure.




Sliced green apple (into matchsticks), keep in cold water with juice

of 1 lemon to preserve the colour. Thinly sliced radish Peashoots or herbs of your choice

Cook 50g of samphire in boiling unsalted water, remove after approx 2 min and put into very cold water to stop the cooking process and preserve the green colour.




Preheat pan with oil and place scallops on the very high heat and cook approx 2min per side or until cooked through (depending on size). Once almost cooked add butter into the frying pan and squeeze of lemon, gently coat/toss scallops in lemon butter and sprinkle with a small pinch of

sea salt. Take the pan off the heat and put samphire in the pan to warm it through.


To assemble:


Smear some hot celeriac pure on the plate, place scallops on top, put samphire around the dish, garnish with crunchy apple matchsticks, sliced radish and peashoots, sprinkle with cayenne pepper. Serve with the lemon