Seafood Bbq

Published on the: 07-06-2018

By Kish Fish


  • All types of seafood are suitable for barbeque cooking. Use the following suggestions as guidelines.


  • Small whole fish: mackerel, herring, rainbow trout, red gurnard
  • Selection of fish steaks : tuna, shark, halibut, salmon and ray wing
  • Chunks of monkfish, rock salmon, mackerel, prawns, or scallops threaded on skewers with a selection of vegetables and arrange on barbeque

Suitable Marinades

  • Mix together a clove of garlic crushed, tomato juice, a dash of sherry and soy sauce and the juice of 1 lemon.
  • Mix together olive oil, white wine vinegar, coriander, parsley stalks and mustard.


Prepare the whole fish by slashing through the thickest part of the flesh. Stuff with bay leaves and slices of lemon. For an extra twist, fill the cavity with a selection of herbs.
Heat the barbeque. Brush the bars or grid well with oil. Brush each piece of fish with marinade and arrange on barbeque. Turn half way through the cooking.
Serve with tossed salad, garlic bread or baked potatoes.